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Homeschoolers - National Driver Training Institute knows exactly what homeschoolers are looking for, because we’ve been partnering with your community for well over a decade. Many of the laws in place across the country that assist parents in educating their own children are there because we at NDTI pushed for them. We have worked side-by-side with the Home School Legal Defense Association to make homeschool driver education possible and have successfully taken their case to legislators in 28 states (and counting). We are proud of these efforts, and are pleased to offer homeschoolers a 10% discount on any driver training program you buy from us.

NDTI’s driver education program is the only curriculum of its kind that has been endorsed by the Home School Legal Defense Association.

32-Hour Program -Our award-winning in-home study program is available as a hardcopy course book, and supplemented with an interactive CD ROM, and top-of-the-line video presentations (click here to see a sample). The videos are accessible online or can be delivered to your home on DVD. A complete online version of the course comes free with your enrollment, as does our unlimited live tutor support which is available by phone toll-free.