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National Driver Training offers 3 drivers ed programs that can be done online with your PC, Mac, tablet or phone. All of our courses can be done at the coffee shop, the local park, or from your home. It all works! Getting tired of working on the PC? Log off and continue with your phone right from your back yard. Over the years, National Driver Training has maneuvered appropriately to meet the needs of all students needing to complete driver education. When NDT was first established, our curriculum was throughly built for book format. In the past 2 decades, we have put our research to work and have developed a state-of-art program to meet the needs of our ever-growing technology and video delivery methods. Download our IOS or Android apps from the appropriate app store today!


Our Texas Online Drivers Ed Parent Taught Program is the most popular, and the most cost-effective. This program allows the student to begin drivers ed immediately after being approved by the state. Step 1: Parent-Taught Driver Education Instructor Designation Services Request. Approval for this request takes only a few hours, but when you are approved you can begin Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed immediately. After completing the first 6-hours of online drivers ed, and passing your online written exam, you are eligible for the learner's permit. After obtaining the learner's permit, you may begin driving with a licensed adult. Upon completion of 32 hours of our PT program, you are now ready to take your driving skills test and get your license.


Our Texas Online Drivers Ed Instructor Led Program is another option. With this program, you do not need to submit a request to the DPS for a PT instructor as mentioned above. This program is designed for those who wish to get professional level assistance behind the wheel. A certified driving instructor will help you with 7-hours of in-car lessons and 7-hours observation (also offered by National Driver Training in the Austin/Lakeway area). The remaining behind the wheel hours can be completed with the parent or legal guardian. As with the Parent Taught program, the student can get their learner's permit after the first 6-hours of online classroom, and after the student has passed the online written exam. Upon completion of 32 hours of our Instructor Led program, you are now ready to take your driving skills test and get your license.


NDT's Parent In-Car Manual is for those who are not enrolled in any of our full course offerings. This course allows the student to input driving hours as they are completed. 7 Full sections helps the student reach 44 hours of driving. The Parent In-Car Manual provides a grading tool for parents to know when to advance the student, including diagrams and pictures to explain specific situations, and to prepare the new teen driver for the driving skills test.

National Driver Training Behind the Wheel In-Car Instruction

National Driver Training offers several in-car training options for the teen. We are located in Lakeway, Texas - 1901 Ranch Road 620N 78734. We offer a 2 hour, 4 hour, and 6 hour option for those looking to brush up on skills, or preparation of the driving skills test. In addition, we offer the 7 hours BTW with 7 hours observation that accompanies the Instructor Led course mentioned above. Call our office at 1-800-942-2050 to book today. Or, visit our page of options for behind-the-wheel. We will be in touch immediately and get you on our schedule to get driving with one of our top certified instructors.

Driving Skills Test

National Driver Training offers the official DPS Approved Road Skills Test. We can get you on our schedule much quicker than getting an appointment with the DPS. Call our office to setup your road skills exam today!