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National Driver Training Institute


Our Program - Everyone learns differently, and this is one lesson you’re going to want to get right the first time around. From our live classroom lectures and award-winning printed course materials to our impressive video library; from our online instruction and test-taking options to our interactive CD ROMs, we’re committed to providing you programs that meet your needs according to the time and resources you have available.

The National Driver Training Institute’s foundational curriculum combines the at-home or in-class study with hands-on activities, engaging all parts of the mind while testing the student’s grasp of the lesson. Not only does this make concepts easier to learn and remember, it’s fun.

Our Curriculum - There are seven levels to the curriculum, providing over 30 hours of accreditation. Each lesson concludes with a written examination (which can be taken repeatedly if necessary to achieve the desired score).

The student also accrues class hours by participating in the hands-on activities. These are projects designed to bring the student out of the “theoretical” and into the “practical” and include such activities as tire rotation, oil changes and research on current events. Each level also assigns the student a video presentation covering the topics laid out in the coursework. For an example of our video assignments, check out Understanding Car Crashes, a great video that explains the physics of a crash.

Students are required to complete a minimum of 30 (32 in Texas) hours-worth of coursework and achieve a test score of 90% or more to qualify for a completion certificate.

We’re pleased to offer the flexibility students need to fit us into their busy lives. Our in-home and online courses make it possible to tackle as much or as little as you want any time of the day or night. Unlimited tutor team support comes free with enrollment and is always just a toll-free phone call away.

NDTI’s Driving Only Manual and Log Book - Geared for teens under the age of 16 who are subject to 50 hours of mandatory behind-the-wheel supervised driving, the manual and log help ensure this time is well spent. The log books allows parents to track the 50 hours of supervised driving, and to keep those hours in sync with the recommendations put forth in the manual. The manual provides “Things to Emphasize” and “Things to Watch For,” which are designed in part to help you monitor your child’s attitude behind the wheel.

Normal teen attitudes, such as nervousness, inattention, or overconfidence, can summon trouble in short order on the road, and we provide tips for handling them. We also provide driving evaluation sheets, allowing you to objectively assess your child’s performance in a way that precludes his or her feeling picked on.

The performance-based evaluations are helpful to parents, too. They allow you to graduate your teen from one level to the next with confidence, never wondering if you’re letting something slide or if you’ve been unduly harsh. You and your child will both clearly see when it’s time to progress forward.

In this manner, young drivers are encouraged to venture out into gradually more difficult conditions, including night time, heavy traffic, and various weather conditions. Students who follow the plan laid out in NDTI’s Driving Only manual will emerge from the mandatory 50-hour period a considerably safer and more confident driver. Perhaps it’s no surprise that students and parents universally hail this program to be the best thing on the road.

Online Video Library- Our online video library contains over 7 hours of some of the best drivers education films available on the market today (also available through our DVD for an additional cost). From driving in bad weather, to parallel parking, the new driver is sure to find something that will benefit in their experience to come.

tech support

Technical Support Team - We offer full technical support to every student enrolled in our program. You are never on your own; our staff is dedicated to being available for you and your student.


Driver Education can be confusing. Our technical support team is trained to answer your questions and provide prompt friendly service. National Driver Training provides you with 30 toll free technical support lines to assist you and your teen 10 hours each day, Monday thru Friday, at no additional charge.

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