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It's What They Don't Know That Will Cost Their Lives - Driving While Young. Statistics prove this combination to be so lethal that its risk factors put it in the same league with drunk driving.

When you think about it, it makes sense: Being young is intoxicating. We’re alive, alert, our reflexes are quick, we’re invincible, untouchable, immortal. But we’re dangerously inexperienced.

We haven’t developed the sense of timing necessary to move among other moving vehicles without risk. We don’t anticipate sudden or odd behavior from other drivers. We don’t have a feel for how slope, gravel, water, snow, or just the very weight of our car will affect our trajectory and braking distance.

Worse, we don’t really care: The night is young, a great song is blaring, our friends are here singing along, and someone just sent a hilarious video to our cell phone. So there we are, flying along the street. All the gory data and scary storylines we’ve consumed over the years from the comfort of our couches left us jaded and thinking we have one-up on reality. Until reality steps out in front of us. And then it’s too late.

The Solution? - The only way to improve the odds that young drivers won’t kill themselves is to cure them somewhat of the affliction of being young behind the wheel. To wake them up, help them understand that this is something that really can happen to them; that their bodies are fragile and easily crushed, and that something as simple as a sneeze could be all it takes to bring death through the windshield.

This is what we do. Our video-intense programs are fresh, aggressive and relevant, and they speak to young drivers in a way that gets crucial data past the filter of youth.