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Driver Education Programs- National Driver Training National Driver Training Institute Driver Education Program for Parents of Teenagers -- Welcome


3 Easy Steps - The road to licensing is slick and quick – quicker than what many parents are ready for. Rich Tosches wrote a hilarious column on his own experience with his son, and for those of you feeling jittery you may find it a happy shot in the arm.

But jittery is good. It means you care and that you’re taking this step with the seriousness it deserves. Those of us at National Driver Training Institute are doing our part to cram as much information, visual impact and physical practice into this short time period as possible. While we can’t guarantee no harm will ever meet your child on the road, we promise you our course will keep him or her about as safe as possible.

Driver Education - Determine your state requirements and complete drivers education if required.

Permit Exam - Study for the permit exam. The permit exam will be based on your states rules and regulations handbook. Pick one up at your local Motor Vehicle department. Take a sample permit test today!

Obtain Your Permit or License: Take the permit exam in one of our offices, or your local Motor Vehicle Department. After you have passed your test, you are now on your way to becoming a responsible driver.