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Why Parent Involvement is so important - Your presence in the car during the practice period will do more to ensure your young driver’s survival than any seat belt or air bag.

Practice makes perfect, no matter what the skill. This is especially true of driving where the smallest “rookie mistake” can have dire consequences. As parents, you have a critical role in the three-step process by making that all-important practice period possible. The longer young drivers practice, the safer they’ll become and the more ingrained their good driving habits will be when peer pressure inevitably comes hitching for a ride.

Parent Power - We believe so much in the power of the parent that we worked directly with senators and representatives all around the nation to establish parents’ right to instruct their own teens. These efforts have resulted in pro-parent legislation in 28 states and counting.

You will search in vain for another driving school with that kind of commitment to its students’ safety and well being. We’re not faulting the other guys; most people go into business to make money, not to change the landscape in which they do so. But teaching to the status quo at a time when both the risk factors and accident rates of young drivers were on the rise was morally unacceptable to us.

In fact, when we opened our doors in 1998, we considered the risks to teenage drivers to be at a crisis level. This put us four years ahead of the experts.

Our video-supported lesson plans put you and your teen on the same page, making the behind-the-wheel practice time easy for both of you. So enjoy it. Use this opportunity to strengthen the bond with your teen. Remember that acquiring permission to drive is a huge step in all our lives. Being there with your teen at this time can be one of the best gifts you could give to one-another.

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