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National Driver Training Institute

Certified Instructors -With the NSC calling the rate of teenage car fatalities a "national crisis," now is the worst possible time for driving schools to cease requiring that their instructors be certified. And yet, all across the country, the schools are doing exactly that: tossing anyone with a driver's license into the instructor's seat.

How much does it matter? A lot. If it didn't, Universities never would have offered a certification program to begin with. Continuing education programs would cease to exist. The government would stop requiring that their own instructors and testers were certified.

Certification takes 240 hours of University study. If, instead of driving instruction courses, these were weekly karate classes, the hours spent would translate into roughly 5 years-worth of instruction. That karate student would have most likely moved through the ranks to black belt over that time. Do you think he would know more than a white belt? Would he be more prepared than the guy who never even set foot in a dojo? Who would you rather have teach your child?

  • Perhaps this is why we're the only school that actually takes students out on the roads in bad weather - And why not! It's the perfect time to teach them important bad weather driving skills.
  • Perhaps this is why we're the only school that doesn't pad a student's behind-the-wheel training time by including break time - At most schools, a whopping 1/3rd of the time a student is reported "behind the wheel," that student is actually standing around in a mini-mart.
  • Perhaps this is why we're the only school whose students' achievements are recognized by a wide array of national insurance carriers, allowing them to receive up to 15% off their car insurance policies!

Those of us behind the National Driver Training Institute literally wrote the book on teen driver safety, and we are busy helping to write laws, too, that will continue to make the American road a safer place for our kids. Our commitment at the national policy level has made us the point-man in the industry. All other drivers training programs eventually follow our lead. In addition, our award winning in-home study program and accompanying parental guides have made us the driver's education firm of choice for our nation's homeschoolers. If that's you, we invite you to go directly to our homeschool edition.

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