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Online Drivers Ed Course For Texas Teens


We offer two online drivers ed courses for new teen drivers which satisfies the states required 32 hours of classroom instruction. We also offer In-Car Instruction in select areas.

Parent-Taught Online Drivers Ed - $79


Complete your drivers education course online.

  • Free mobile app - complete the entire course from your phone, tablet and/or computer.
  • Online Permit Test – Complete the official permit test online, saving you a trip to the DPS.
  • Industry’s ONLY lesson by lesson guide for in-car instruction.

The in-car parent guide will walk you through the same step-by-step lessons that our professional instructors use. The systematic approach and grading system gives parents the tools to ease the fears and frustrations that often arise when it comes to driving.

Texas Drivers Ed Online iOS Apple App with National Driver Training Texas Drivers Ed Online Google Play Andriod App with National Driver Training
Texas Driver's Ed Teen Student Driver

Online Driver Education (Traditional) - $79


  • Online Course - Complete your driver’s education course online.
  • Online Permit Test – Complete the official permit test online, saving you a trip to the DPS.
  • 7 Hours of in-car lessons and 7 hours of observation available for extra fee.

This course is designed for families that do not meet Texas’s standard for instructing their teen to drive or wish to have an instructor do 7 hours of in-car instruction and 7 hours of observation. The remaining 30 hours of driving can be completed with a licensed adult age 25 or older.


Parent-Taught Vs. Traditional Online: What's the Difference?

Drivers Ed with National Driver Training is TDLR approvedBoth Programs satisfy the states required 32 hours of classroom instruction. The Parent-Taught program which is an online program with 100% audio read along ability for the “classroom” portion. The Parent-Taught portion enables the parent to serve as the driving instructor and complete the required 44-hours of in-car or “behind-the-wheel” driving portion. Our “Traditional Online” program also is completed online for the classroom portion, but requires the student to complete 7 hours of instruction with licensed driving instructor and 7 hours of observation (riding along as a passenger observing the lesson of another student). The student is still required to do the remaining 30 hours of behind-the-wheel driving with a parent or guardian to complete 44 hours of in-car instruction.