Texas Teen In-Car Packages

You can choose from the 6-hour package which compliments the Parent-Taught drivers training program or the 7-hour package for the online instructor-led program. The seven-hour program includes the 7 hours of additional observation which is required by the State of Texas if you are not on the parent-taught track. If you are looking for driving packages for adults 18 and older, please click here.

$400.00 $600.00

6 Hours In-Car Training


This package is meant to accompany the Parent-Taught Program only. It provides 6 hours of private lessons with a driving instructor. Families can tailor this program to meet the needs and driving experience of their new driver. Additional hours are available for purchase.

$500.00 $700.00

7 Hours In-Car Training


This package meets the state required 7 hours of driving and 7 hours of observation for the instructor-led online program. It follows the state required curriculum. Additional hours and packages are available for purchase.