National Driver Training Institute

Register with the TDLR here. Takes less than 2 minutes. The fee for TDLR is $20.00 You only need to register one time per student.


Approved by the Texas TDLR and your insurance company. Click here to enroll. Takes less than 2 minutes.


Once you have completed steps 1 and 2 and you received your TDLR registration packet (about 2 weeks), login to and enter your new user ID and pass code. Answer the 3 questions after completing the first six hours of study which includes the Texas State Hand Book, 1st. part of Course 102 and our free Texas permit practice Test(s).

Then print your Permit Packet for TDLR. This Permit Packet is completely filled out with your students name and address, DL 91A, Proof of Registration Certificate, and your Affidavit of Enrollment into Course 102. You will need to complete a VOE (Verification of Enrollment, from your students school). That’s it. Student is ready for the Texas Permit Test.