Do you want to make a little extra cash? Sell our program on your website. Details below!

What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is someone who has decided to work with NDT to provide to their students the best Driver' Ed course available!

NDT provides tech support, curriculum development, and video licensing, while the affiliate sells the program and issues the affidavit and certificate.

Why would I want to use this program?

Using our online program allows you to concentrate on lessons and teaching while running your business instead of worrying about setting up curriculum, licensing, or even worrying about making your class schedule meet the needs of all of your students. Since they work on their own, the schedule always fits!

If you prefer to do classroom instruction in addition to our homestudy program, it is available in that format as well.

How much does it cost?

NOTHING! NDT pays you for each sale! We have the highest payouts for online programs in the driver's ed industry, plus our program is the best available!

What programs are available for affiliates to use?

    • 30-hour self-study program
    • 30-hour classroom curriculum
    • Colorado 4-hour EDAP curriculum (with certificate support )
    • 8-hour defensive driving ( Colorado approved; may work in other states)

    All 30-hour classroom formats include parent's instructions for 50 hours of supervised driving!

What other services/resources are available?

    • Tech support for all programs (included for all students)
    • Colorado BOST form management
    • Instructor training
    • Behind the Wheel lesson guide for instructors
    • Educational tools, such as passenger brakes and GPS tracking available below retail costs.