Texting While Driving
    Texting While Driving
    Less than 10 Pages to Print - You do NOT need to print 1000 pages to do this program.
  • Is state approved, and uses certified instructors only!
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National Driver Training is the nation's premier program and we were the 1st to receive formal approval from any state, including Texas. We're the 1st parent taught, computer based, home study driver's education program to be approved.


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  • Studies completed by the universities have proven our program to reduce crashes and crash fatalities.
  • Our online program is approved by more State Department of Education and Home School Associations than any other driver education provider.
  • We are recognized as a formal Driver Education and Training School by every insurance company in Texas.
  • Driver's education designed specifically for teens starting as early as 14.
  • Do your program at home either online, or with our Drivers Ed Textbook, DVD and CD ROM.
  • Those of us behind NDT literally wrote the book on teen driver safety, and are nationally recognized for the seriousness with which we take driver safety. Legislators come to us to request our input on laws under consideration. We have, in fact, played a decisive role in the laws governing the training and licensing of new drivers in 28 states (and counting)!

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  • Step 1: Enroll in Course 102 - Takes less than 2 minutes.
  • Step 3: Get your permit! - Once you have completed steps 1 and 2 and you received your DPS registration packet (about 2 weeks), login to www.NationalDriverTraining.com and enter your new user ID and pass code.
DPS Approved

Answer the 3 questions after completing the first six hours of study which includes the Texas State Hand Book, 1st. part of Course 102 and our free Texas permit practice Test(s). Then print your Permit Packet for the DPS. This Permit Packet is completely filled out with your students name and address, DL 91A, Proof of Registration Certificate, and your Affidavit of Enrollment into Course 102. You will need to complete a VOE (Verification of Enrollment, from your students school). That’s it. Student is ready for the Texas Permit Test.


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