aka Defensive Driving Course, Traffic Safety Course, Traffic School, or other Safe Driving Course, Clinic, or Program

This course can be taken to:

  • Get Traffic Tickets Dismissed
  • Remove or Reduce Points
  • Earn Auto Insurance Discounts
  • Improve Your Traffic Safety Skills
  • Support Your Company or School's Safe Driving & Risk Reduction Goals
  • Enhance any Driver Ed Curriculum


Top 10 Reasons to Make
Winning Formulas for Safe Driving"
Your Driver Improvement Program of Choice

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  • America's most ADVANCED, PROACTIVE, and SUBSTANTIAL Driver Improvement Program
  • If you need to take an 8-Hour Defensive Driving Course, Intermediate Driver Improvement (IDI) program, Traffic Safety Clinic, Traffic School, or other Safe Driving Course, this is the online program for you to enroll in.
  • 100% Online Course: do the program at your own pace from any desktop, laptop, or tablet computer
  • Lots of training VIDEOS, photos, and graphics to enhance the text and keep you engaged
  • FREE Audio Read-Along feature: sit back and listen to text portions of the course if you choose
  • Expertly designed course material that is Easy to Use, Read, Watch, Listen to, Study, Share, and Retain
  • Become a better, safer driver in just 8 hours
  • Multiple-choice tests for each section
  • FREE Certificate of Completion is included; email delivery of printable document in handy PDF format
  • 24-Hour U.S.-based Technical Support from a friendly team of representatives
  • Minimum Time Requirements for each section to ensure that you meet court-mandated standards
  • Optional Identity Security: Voice Recognition, Tactile, Iris, Fingerprint, and Photo Identification available
  • Our Strategic Driving approach goes a step beyond the conventional Defensive Driving approach
  • CA-8 is a practical, proactive Behavior Modification course
  • Developed by a recognized authority in Driver and Traffic Safety: Charles E. McDaniel, PhD - "The Dean of Driver Ed"
  • CA-8 helps students to compensate in advance for the mistakes of other drivers
  • Organized by 28 Key Principles, which are summarized by short, memorable, big print headlines - making the course material Easy to Scan, Review, Recall, Share, and Teach
  • Finally, a more PRECISE and FLEXIBLE Driver and Traffic Safety Solution for your company, school, or group.
  • Utilizes genuine Driver and Traffic Safety Best Practices
  • Reduce the risks faced by your employees and your families AND protect your company's bottom line
  • The 28 Principles of Collision Avoidance can be flexibly taught as modules
  • This course incorporates unique, precise techniques for training students to become better, safer drivers
  • SafeCourse partner NDTI (National Driver Training Institute) is recognized as a formal Driver Education and Training School by many insurance companies

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It's Super Easy!!!

Step 1: Enroll in Course – COLLISION AVOIDANCE 2, 4, or 8-Hour Driver Improvement Program - Takes less than 2 minutes.

Step 2: Using your user ID and Password, you are now ready to enter the course and begin your training.

Step 3: Once you have completed the online course and passed the test given at the end, your Certificate of Completion is automatically sent to you by email.  Ready to download and print, this certificate can be presented to your traffic court administrator and/or insurance provider.

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