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Advanced Safe Driving Skills - $3,700

  • 37 Driving Hours

  • 7 Observation Hours

  • No Parent Supervised Driving Required

  • Minimum State Required Intro to Driving

  • Online Course

  • Insurance Discounts

  • Evening/Night Time Driving

  • Additional Highway/Freeway Merging

  • Routine Route Familiarity

  • Additional Parallel Parking Practice

  • Inclement Weather Practice

  • Roadside Safety Kit

  • Parking lot parking, reversing

  • Personal vehicle familiarity option

What is Routine Route Familiarity?
You tell us the routes your teen will drive most frequently (home, school, work, practice) and we will work with your teen to make these routes familiar and safe to them.
What is Parking Lot Practice?
It should come as no surprise that parking lots are the most common location for accidents. While these tend to be minor and without injury they can still be costly. We will take your teen to a parking lot and give them practice navigating parking lots including entering and exiting parking spots.
What is Personal vehicle familiarity?
Besides the few things that we have mentioned, when you select a package of 25 hours or more, we will allow you to customize what you want us to focus on. We consider ourselves your partner in this training process and will gladly allow you to guide us on the areas you want us to focus on such as merging on the freeway (the most common request), route familiarity, etc. You know your teen best and we want to assist in making both them and you comfortable with their driving skills.

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